Useful Information


Barbed Wire – This most be of a height of at least 6ft from the road surface when it borders a public place.

Bornements – A Bornement (change of alignment) is required from the Douzaine in respect of any building work, including fenestration, within 1.5 metres of a public road or foot path.  Applications must be made in writing to the Constables, with a copy of the plans and payment of £25.

Domestic Bonfires – Burning of domestic waste is not encouraged and only green waste i.e. dry garden refuse should be burnt at domestic properties.  Toxic materials such as plastics should never be burnt.  If you intend to have a bonfire please be considerate to your neighbours and take into account weather conditions and wind direction.

Noxious Weeds – On behalf of the Noxious Weeds Inspector, Department of Commerce and Employment, Douzeniers inspect for such weeds at the same time as they complete their twice yearly hedge inspections.

Seed heads from noxious weeds readily spread on the wind to infest fresh areas, and, perhaps even more importantly, some varieties can be poisonous to animals and humans alike.

Noxious weeds are compulsorily required to be cut during the first fifteen days of June and last fifteen days of September annually.

Wherever possible, Douzeniers will either speak to the property owner or tenant or leave a Noxious Weeds Notice indicating which variety of noxious weed needs to be dealt with – advising that a further inspection will be carried out (normally within the next week to ten days) to ensure that the owner/tenant has complied with the Law.

Failures to comply will be referred to the Noxious Weeds Inspector at the Department of Commerce and Employment for further action to be taken – i.e. the Department is empowered to engage a contractor to carry out any necessary work on its behalf, with the cost being recoverable from the owner/tenant of the property