The St Pierre du Bois Douzaine office hours are:

Mon 4-7, Tue 4-7, Wed 9-12, Thu 9-12, Fri 9-12


Phone: 01481 264638

Parish Clerk:  Emma Marshall

Constable – Mike de Laune (264238)

Constable – Jill Bray (263042)


Mr M A Ozanne (Dean) (263794)

Mr A H Brouard (263618)

Dr D de G de Lisle (263077)

Mr P E F Domaille (263315)

Mr T R Langlois (265900)

Mrs G P Dudley-Owen (263536)

Mr J de G Parker (264551)

Mr M G A Dunster (263700)

Mr M N T Le Poidevin (264219)

Mr S A Fell (265687)

Mr T Pearson (263802)

Mr J Knight (265783)

Caretaker: Mr P A Martel (264423)

Rector: Reverend Adrian Datta.

Contact: 266633/ 07781 135828 or

Mon-Fri 9am-1pm – enquiries regarding weddings, etc., to be directed to:

Nikki Harvey – 238568 or

2 responses to “Contact

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  2. Hi,
    We were kayaking around the island in stages and left our 2 kayaks by the Lihou slipway for a few days above the high water mark. They have been removed and I wonder if you’d heard or seen anything?
    Tel 07781141250

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