Guidance for open air events

As the summer approaches many open-air parties take place, often licenced and with music which can give rise to complaints from neighbours.

For clarity, the Douzaine wish to make the following statement without prejudice:-


Landowners under the “THE LAND & DEVELOPMENT (GUERNSEY) LAW 2005” do not need to apply for a change of use, providing that they are single day events and there would be no more than 7 events per year, without “development” (additional constructed structures).

  • This law refers to receiving an income for the event to take place

Those wishing to hold such an event with or without a Marquee are requested to follow best practice taking into account the well-being of all parties in close proximity and should adhere to the following list of points to be used as guidance: this list is not exhaustive or specific to the site and circumstances:

  • Provide adequate information regarding the event to those in the immediate surrounding areas and to take on board any concerns and mitigate them where possible.
  • The preparation of the site i.e., erecting of tents and setting up and testing of any music including the clearance of the site after the event should be done with the minimal inconvenience to those in the immediate surrounding areas.
  • Adequate toilet facilities to be hired, if required, proportionate to the number of guests.
  • In the case of the event charging for alcohol, no licence will be granted after 11pm.
  • All music should cease at 11pm.

The event should cease by 11.30pm i.e., all guests to vacate the site and nearby area