Parish Properties

We manage on your behalf the following Parish properties:


  • Douzaine Room & Office: See opening hours below.
  • Parish Hall: Up the steps to the right on the first floor of the Douzaine Room
  • Committee Room: On the ground floor turning right on entering.

Community Hall

Situated next to the post office, the hall includes a kitchenette and toilet facilities and also has an access ramp for prams and wheelchairs. There is plenty parking is available including 7/8 spaces accessed via Route des Brehaut through the “old school” Flats entrance to the left adjacent to the building.

Post Office

Leased to Etcetera Ltd., a long established Company owned by the Burns Family, which offers a great variety of gifts & cards and Post Office counter service and includes designated parking to the front of the building specifically for their clientele.

Post Office Car park

Parking on the left hand side as you enter, adjacent to the “Marie de Garis Garden” is Parish parking monitored by our caretaker.


The playing field is owned by the States of Guernsey and rented by the Parish. The field is open for use by the public for recreational purposes and is used by Sylvans Football Club. The field is used for parking for large Parish gatherings subject to approval by the Constables and Douzaine. The access entrance has recently been improved.


The open grass area around War Memorial also provides an open air facility for Parish events and for short term parking on the gravel paths.


Home to the Family of our Rector Adrian and Myfawny Datta for the pastoral care of our Parish. The Parish ensures the building and grounds are well maintained as they are often opened to the public for various events throughout the year.


“Glebe” land and properties, historically these assets of the Church were used as a small holding to create a living for the Rector and his family is now under Parish management.


• Maison de la Cure: Rented to a family on an annual basis; N.B. notes in the end of year accounts.
• Le Chemin de Tresor: The fields to the back of the rectory in a valley with a stream, has a walk open to the public which commences through a garden gate of the Rectory on Les Buttes. We are grateful to LA SOCIÉTÉ GUERNESIAISE who maintain and care for this area at no cost to the Parish.

For Hire – Booking/Charge period approx. 4 hours

Parish Hall:
Measuring 12.25m by 5m available for hire @£25 per session (electricity included)

Committee Room: Measuring 5.35m by 4.75m available for hire @£15 per session. (electricity included)

Community Hall: Measuring 13.5m by 6.2m available for hire @£40 per session – Commercial user (£30 regular commercial user) £20 community user/not for profit, £30 parties  (electricity on coin meter)

*On booking, our Clerk will provide you with printed information relevant to the room hire

Keys are to be collected in office opening hours and returned by dropping through our letter box.

A session is classed as morning, afternoon or evening

Please contact us for further information.