Refuse and Recycling


From 3rd February 2019 the method of charging householders for domestic refuse will change when householders will be required to attach a prepaid, refuse charge sticker to every bag of “black bag” refuse put out for collection – £1.40 for 50 litre bags and £2.50 for 90 litre bags.

NB – There is no restriction on the number of black bags which you can put out on “black bag nights” provided that an appropriate sticker is attached to each bag, but stickers will not be required on recycling bags.

From 2nd September waste is changing.

The envelope you received your “what goes where wheel” in would have told you whether your waste will all be collected on a Tuesday or Wednesday night.

If it is a clear bag week you will also need to put out your food waste and black bag

If it is a blue bag week you will also need to put out your food waste and your glass.

Please contact us as soon as you can if there is a problem, preferably before midday following a collection time.

2020 waste calendar


You can collect recycling bag vouchers from the Douzaine Office during opening hours; order more vouchers here or email, call 231234, or check here for more information.

Fly-tipping and littering: It is an offence to dispose of rubbish other than in a certified tip, or to drop litter in a public place, as well as being unsightly and offensive.

5 responses to “Refuse and Recycling

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  2. Penelope Huckvale

    Would be useful to have a calender of dates of blue/clear bag collections. I lose track and have to trail through other parishes refuse collection info to find such a calender

  3. If you go to and click on recycling symbol it comes up with which bags are being collected that week.

  4. Nicky wilkinson

    Would be useful to have the number of the bin men posted here so we can contact them when they don’t collect the rubbish

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