November elections

November elections

The Electors of the Parish are invited to meet at Community Hall, Les Buttes, on Wednesday 2nd November at 7.00pm, to elect:

 Three Douzeniers to replace Mr M Ozanne, Mr A Brouard and Mr M Dunster.

All are eligible for re-election

Nomination forms are obtainable from the Douzaine Room, Les Buttes, or at and completed forms must be returned to the Douzaine Room no later than 4.00pm on Monday 24th October 2021


  1. To elect two ratepayers to serve on the board of the St Pierre du Bois Church Management Board to replace Mr P Martel and Mr D White whose term has expired. Both are eligible for re-election.
  2. To name auditors to examine the Parish Accounts for 2022.
  3. To receive the reports of the Parish Elected Members of the following school committees:
    1. La Mare de Carteret High School
    2. La Houguette Primary School
  4. To decide what time Parish Meetings will be held in 2023.
  5. To take all measures relating to the above as the Electors and Ratepayers may deem advisable

M A OZANNE, Dean of the Douzaine

M DE LAUNE – Senior Constable