Hedge Cutting Guidance

Hedge Cutting Guidance

To protect and support the island’s wildlife, Agriculture, Countryside & Land Management Services (ACLMS), together with local wildlife groups, promote advice for the sustainable cutting of roadside hedges.

Guernsey’s beautiful landscape is defined by its distinctive roadside hedge banks which form an important part of our Island’s heritage. They form living threads which run through and connect the parishes and can be a haven for both plants and animals, adding much to the Island’s natural living diversity.

It is a legal requirement to cut roadside hedges each year between 1st – 15th June and then again between 15th – 30th September, however cutting a hedge too severely and frequently can have a detrimental effect on the vegetation and the wildlife it supports.

  • ACLMS recognise the importance of hedgerows for Guernsey’s local native wildlife and so, alongside local wildlife groups, are seeking to provide advice for sustainable hedge cutting, meaning the law can be abided while still protecting the natural environment and what makes Guernsey special.
  • The law requires that roadside verges are cut between 1st – 15th June and then again between 15th – 30th September to remove overhanging vegetation.
  • Cutting of internal hedges should be left until after the bird breeding season (March to end of July) at the earliest. We recommend cutting earth banks each year in late summer, and cutting hedges in the autumn once every 3 years;
  • Check for nesting birds or other wildlife before commencing the cut. If a nest is found, avoid disturbing the birds by undertaking minimal cutting to this area using secateurs to remove any overhanging vegetation. If you find any injured wildlife contact the GSPCA;
  • Earth banks should have a minimum 10cm (4 inches) of vegetation left after cutting to avoid desiccation and erosion. This will also allow dense vegetation to establish and reduce the amount of ‘pioneer’ plants which are faster growing, such as nettles and docks;
  • If your earth bank hosts rare or uncommon plants, avoid cutting those plants until September if you’re able to do so without the vegetation overhanging the footpath or road;
  • If a substantial cut is needed to the outside (road-facing side) of the hedge, delay cutting the inside face until at least the following year, or make it a light cut (don’t cut into woody material, only cut the new growth) to avoid stress on the hedge.

If landowners are concerned that an uncut or lightly cut section of hedge will create a hazard to road users they should contact their Parish Constables for advice. Any road signs, mirrors or traffic lights must always be visible. All cuttings should be cleared away immediately after the hedge is cut as cuttings can easily compromise road drainage if left.