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Defibrillators in Guernsey

A defibrillator or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a piece of life-saving equipment which, when used with CPR, can aid survival after a sudden cardiac arrest. They are electrical devices that analyse the heart rhythm and administer an electric shock, if necessary, to restore normal heart rhythm after someone has had a cardiac arrest.

There are a number of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) around Guernsey, these give verbal instructions to guide a member of the public through each step with no prior training required. If you are with someone who is unresponsive and not breathing, or not breathing normally, then follow the steps to use the PAD while the St John Emergency Ambulance Service are on their way.

You will find more information on this leaflet: guernsey-defibrillator-leaflet

As you will see from the leaflet, there are only a limited number of PADs in the Western Parishes. Those around the island are in place thanks to the generosity and support of many local businesses and community groups. If you, your group, or your business, would like to find more information about providing a PAD, please visit http://www.cag.org.gg

Dog Tax 2017

If you live in the parish of St Pierre du Bois and own a dog (dogs must be taxed from 6 months of age), it is a legal requirement for you to pay dog tax, this is £10 per dog per year, due in January, and can be paid by cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to Constables of St Pierre du Bois and either deliver by hand or send along with a stamped, addressed envelope for us to post your tax card to: La Salle Paroissiale, Les Buttes, St Pierre du Bois, GY7 9SD

As of 2017, St Pierre du Bois have followed several other parishes and have introduced dog tags to be issued upon payment of dog tax, with a different colour for each year. The use of these is not currently compulsory.

February 2015

11th March

This is the date of the Parish Meeting for Ratepayers and Electors of St Pierre du Bois, the meeting shall commence at 7.30pm. For full details of the meeting, please see the publications in La Gazette Officielle on Friday 27th February and Friday 6th March. This information shall also be made available on the notice board at the Post Office and on the website. Continue reading

January 2015

Dear Parishioner

May I take this opportunity to wish all of you who live in our wonderful parish a very happy, healthy and prosperous new year.

As a new year embraces, we say goodbye to David Jeffery our previous Senior Constable whose term of office has expired. We all wish him well and would like to thank him for his hard work and contribution to our parish over these last three years. Continue reading

December 2014


December Parish Newsletter

Dear Parishioner

To start off the festive period we have ‘Santa at les Buttes’.

FRIDAY 5th DECEMBER at 6.15 – 7.15 p.m.

Once again this year, the Parish will have a Christmas Tree on the Green (Les Buttes by the Parish Church), kindly donated by Mr and Mrs Westgarth. This event is organised by Floral St Peter’s. The tree and green will be lit on Friday the 5th of December starting at 6.15 and all are welcome. There will be carol singers from La Houguette and the Church, free mulled wine, mince pies and roasted chestnuts, as a thank you from the Floral St Peter’s Team for all the support they have received in winning Gold again in ‘Floral Guernsey’ and being picked as the island’s entry for Britain in Bloom 2015. They are hoping Santa will also have time to visit. This is a magical evening and we hope you can all join us on the Green. Everyone is welcome, especially children. Continue reading

November 2014

The Parish Meeting on the 4th of November passed uneventfully with the re-election of Martin Ozanne (Dean), Al Brouard and Mark Dunster to the Douzaine for 2015-18. I am delighted that we have two new Constables who have been prepared to undertake the duty. From immediate effect Trevor Pearson has been elected (unopposed) to complete the term that became vacant with the resignation of Annette Henry, who left for personal reasons. Trevor has lived in the Parish for several years and has the experience of having been the Constable of Vale Parish in a past life when he resided far north of our borders. Robert Varley shall also be joining as a new Constable. Robert is a consultant with Babbé Advocates whose professional knowledge may prove useful to the Parish and who has an enthusiasm for promoting Parish life. I thank them both for their generosity in agreeing to give their time to help all of us in St Pierre du Bois in keeping the Parish such a good place to live in. A thank you should also go to our long term Parish Auditor, Clive Damsell and to our new auditor, Tim Archard (we are required to have two auditors) who provide their time, without charge, to audit the Parish accounts so reducing all of our Parochial rates. Three Douzeniers (Martin Ozanne, Mark Dunster, Al Brouard) stood unopposed for re-election. They all work hard for the Parish and we thank them for agreeing to a further term. Continue reading

October 2014

4th November

This is the date of the Parish elections and we would like you to participate so long as you are on the electoral roll and a ratepayer of St. Pierre du Bois. The election is for the post of Constable for the remaining tenure of our Constable Annette Henry who sadly had to retire for personal reasons, for that of Junior Constable and for the three seats of Douzenier which become available on a rotational basis. Continue reading

September 2014

Get Involved in Communication in St. Pierre du Bois  

We run the Parish on a tight budget and frivolous expenditure on postage and printing would be frowned on by many. This leaves our options rather limited but the internet does provide a ready and almost free means to contact many people. It also is a wonderful source of information.

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August 2014

St. Pierre du Bois needs you!

I suppose that the question I would like to ask you is whether you might consider to participate and contribute to Parish life in the role of either a Constable or a Douzenier? There are many reasons why people become elected to the Douzaine; a wish to contribute, a wish to change, a wish to participate in Parish life. Giving a bit back to friends and neighbours in our Parish is rewarding.

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