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Longfrie Junction Filter

Media Release from Traffic and Highway Services:

Media Release

Date: 1st March 2017

New filter to be installed at Longfrie/Rue St Pierre crossroads

A new filter-in-turn will be installed at the Longfrie/Rue St Pierre crossroads on Sunday 5th March, weather permitting.

The installation is the next step in efforts to improve safety at the junction, following on from recently completed work to increase visibility for vehicles exiting La Rue St. Pierre.

Reducing approach speeds along La Route de Longfrie, and improving overall visibility, is crucial in order to limit road traffic collisions at the junction.

Through the installation of a filter-in-turn, which relies on all drivers approaching the junction to do so slowly and with care, it is anticipated that safety at this junction will be improved.

Traffic and Highway Services has been liaising closely with the Constables of St Pierre du Bois and Guernsey Police – both are supportive of the new measures.

Additional temporary signage warning of the new junction layout, along with the provision of temporary flashing speed warning equipment on approach to the junction, will be used to remind drivers of the maximum 25mph speed limit that is already in place.

As per existing policy, all new filters are initially installed on a 12 month trial basis.

Issued by: Deníse Quevâtre, Personal Assistant to the Chief Secretary

Tel: 01481 234567 (ext 2381)

E-mail: denise.quevatre@gov.gg



September 2015

The time is here once again, for you to cut back any roadside hedges, banks and trees, and to cut/clean/repair any streams, douits and watercourses which may pass through your property. Please ensure that the work is completed before the 30th September, after which the Constables and Douzeniers will carry out the required inspections.

As a little reminder, the hedges and trees must be cut up to a height of twelve foot from the road (where the road is ordinarily used by vehicular traffic) or eight foot (where the road is not ordinarily used by vehicular traffic).

All cuttings must be removed from the roads and pavements immediately after cutting, those left can lead to blocked drains, flooding, and can be a danger to road users.

Watercourses should be cleaned, obstructions cleared to allow free flow, and banks should be repaired.

Should you fail to carry out the required work, a warning notice may be issued, including a description or indication of the alleged failure. After such a notice, you would have seven days to remedy this failure, at which time the issues highlighted will be re-inspected – please contact the office at your earliest opportunity if you have any questions or wish to discuss the alleged failure with one of the inspectors. If the work has still not been completed after this time, you shall be liable to a civil penalty of £50, which shall increase by £5 per day, for every day in which the failure continues.

You can find more information on the changes to the Law here:

http://gov.gg/CHttpHandler.ashx?id=97263&p=0 or you can contact the office for more information.

In other news, it won’t be long before the November Parish Elections are upon us, and this could be your opportunity to have a greater involvement in parish matters. Three Douzeniers will be reaching the end of their terms, and positions on both La Houguette Primary School Committee and La Mare de Carteret School Committee will also become available. Nomination forms can be collected after the 9th October, and further information can be provided by contacting the office.

In order to nominate or vote in the November Parochial Elections, you must register on the new Electoral Roll by 15th October 2015 – this only takes a couple of minutes, go to http://www.election2016.gg/