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Parish Meeting 8th March 2017

The publications here provide details of the Parish Meeting on 8th March 2017.

Constables’ Publication 2017

Churchwardens’ Publication 2017

The Moorings Meeting information for 15th March 2017 is as follows:

Moorings Publication 2017


Parish Elections 2016

Meeting at La Salle Paroissiale, Les Buttes, on 2nd November at 7.30pm, to elect:

One Constable to replace Mr T J Pearson

One Constable to complete the term of office of Mr R K Varley, who is leaving the parish, until 31st December 2017

Three Douzeniers to replace Dr D de G de Lisle, Mr J de G Parker and Mr M N T Le Poidevin

One Member of La Mare de Carteret High School Committee to replace *Mrs K Piriou

One Member of La Houguette Primary School Committee

Nomination forms are obtainable from the Douzaine Room, Les Buttes, and completed forms must be returned thereto by 4pm on 24th October 2016.