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Defibrillators in Guernsey

A defibrillator or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a piece of life-saving equipment which, when used with CPR, can aid survival after a sudden cardiac arrest. They are electrical devices that analyse the heart rhythm and administer an electric shock, if necessary, to restore normal heart rhythm after someone has had a cardiac arrest.

There are a number of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) around Guernsey, these give verbal instructions to guide a member of the public through each step with no prior training required. If you are with someone who is unresponsive and not breathing, or not breathing normally, then follow the steps to use the PAD while the St John Emergency Ambulance Service are on their way.

You will find more information on this leaflet: guernsey-defibrillator-leaflet

As you will see from the leaflet, there are only a limited number of PADs in the Western Parishes. Those around the island are in place thanks to the generosity and support of many local businesses and community groups. If you, your group, or your business, would like to find more information about providing a PAD, please visit http://www.cag.org.gg

Parish Elections

Islanders should have received, by post, Household Registration Forms for the General Election 2016.
Please note that you need to register by 15th October 2015 if you wish to vote in the November 2015 parish elections. The current Electoral Roll ceases to be valid in October 2015 so everyone who wants to vote must complete the form.
Register online or by post – it only takes a couple of minutes. Please see http://www.election2016.gg/ for more details and to register online.