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Halls to Hire

We have three rooms available to hire for events, classes, parties, the details for each are as follows:

(Note: session bookings are taken for morning 8.30am – 12.30pm, afternoon 1pm-5pm, or evening 5.30pm onwards – NO BOOKINGS ARE TAKEN FOR SUNDAY AFTERNOONS – Room hire prices correct as at 31 May 2017.)

Committee Room – small room with tables and chairs, heating and electric included, small step at entrance – ground floor, public toilets via steps outside, £14/session

Community Hall – (hut in Rue des Brehauts, opposite playing field, also accessed down to the side of Post Office, parking on site beside hut or at the back of the Post Office car park) – medium hall with tables and chairs, two toilets, kitchenette suitable for snack and drink preparation, wheelchair accessible – metered heating and electric (£1 coins), £15/session

Parish Hall – (hall above Douzaine Office, La Salle Paroissiale, opposite the memorial at Les Buttes/Rue des Brehauts) – medium hall with tables and chairs, outdoor public toilets via steps, kitchenette suitable for snack and drink preparation, access only via steps, metered heating and electric (£1/£2 coins), £14.50/session

The playing field in Rue des Brehauts is also available for use by the public.

All of our rooms are booked by regular users for a variety of classes, etc., including YOGA, KARATE, BRIDGE, COMMUNITY MARKET, ARTS AND CRAFT, BRIDGE, SPIRITUAL GROUP,  so any bookings will be determined by availability at the time. Please email constables@stpierredubois.org or call 264638 to find out more – the office opening hours are detailed here

The Constables kindly request that all facilities are cleaned/cleared appropriately after use and failure to do so may result in future bookings being refused, or charges being incurred.

Stream Clearing

Please see this link to Guernsey Water for more information on the requirements for clearing streams and douits.


Defibrillators in Guernsey

A defibrillator or Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is a piece of life-saving equipment which, when used with CPR, can aid survival after a sudden cardiac arrest. They are electrical devices that analyse the heart rhythm and administer an electric shock, if necessary, to restore normal heart rhythm after someone has had a cardiac arrest.

There are a number of Public Access Defibrillators (PAD) around Guernsey, these give verbal instructions to guide a member of the public through each step with no prior training required. If you are with someone who is unresponsive and not breathing, or not breathing normally, then follow the steps to use the PAD while the St John Emergency Ambulance Service are on their way.

You will find more information on this leaflet: guernsey-defibrillator-leaflet

As you will see from the leaflet, there are only a limited number of PADs in the Western Parishes. Those around the island are in place thanks to the generosity and support of many local businesses and community groups. If you, your group, or your business, would like to find more information about providing a PAD, please visit http://www.cag.org.gg

Dementia Friendly Guernsey

Dementia Friendly Guernsey has been set up by members of the local community with the aim of improving the lives of people living with dementia and their carers.

It is a member of the Dementia Action Alliance and is here to support the community to become more dementia friendly.

St Pierre du Bois is being used to run a pilot scheme, actively involving local people and businesses in the scheme. To find out more, visit their website: http://dementiafriendly.org.gg/

Dog Tax 2017

If you live in the parish of St Pierre du Bois and own a dog (dogs must be taxed from 6 months of age), it is a legal requirement for you to pay dog tax, this is £10 per dog per year, due in January, and can be paid by cash or cheque. Please make cheques payable to Constables of St Pierre du Bois and either deliver by hand or send along with a stamped, addressed envelope for us to post your tax card to: La Salle Paroissiale, Les Buttes, St Pierre du Bois, GY7 9SD

As of 2017, St Pierre du Bois have followed several other parishes and have introduced dog tags to be issued upon payment of dog tax, with a different colour for each year. The use of these is not currently compulsory.

Election Results 2016

The Electors of the Parish of St Pierre du Bois met at La Salle Paroissiale, Les Buttes, at 7.30pm on Wednesday 4th November 2015.


For the Office of Constable to complete the term of Office until December 2017


Proposed by Mr P A Martel                      Seconded by Mrs G P Dudley-Owen

For the Office of Constable


Proposed by Mr A H Brouard                  Seconded by Mr T J Pearson

For the Office of Douzenier (3 seats)


Proposed by Mr B H Roussel                   Seconded by Mr P A Martel


Proposed by Mr S L Langlois                 Seconded by Mr J M Truelove


Proposed by M A Ozanne                      Seconded by N D Lewis

For La Houguette Primary School Committee to complete the term of Office until December 2018 (1 seat)


Proposed by Mrs F R Elliott                      Seconded by Mrs F R P Le Tissier

For La Mare de Carteret High School Committee (1 seat)


Proposed by Mr R W Place                       Seconded by Mrs A M Thomas

Hedges and Streams

hedges and streams


In conformity with the Cutting of Hedges Ordinances and the Parochial Administration Ordinance 2013, the Constables and Douzaines of the several parishes of the Island hereby give notice to the occupiers of land bordering public roads, or, if the land is unoccupied, to the owners thereof, that they are required during the first fifteen days of June and the last fifteen days of September, to cut and trim the hedges thereof
(a) up to a height of 12 ft. from the road surface where that road is ordinarily used by vehicular traffic – N.B. this includes the road AND footpath.
(b) up to a height of 8 ft. from the road surface where that road is not ordinarily used by vehicular traffic
and IMMEDIATELY THEREAFTER remove from such public roads and hedges all material cut from such hedges.
For the purpose of this notice, hedges shall be deemed to include trees and branches of trees, and all kinds of growth overhanging a public road at a height less than that specified above.
Any persons defaulting in the above requirements could be liable to a Civil Penalty of £50.00 with an additional fine of £5.00 per day in which the failure continues.
Note: “All kinds of growth” overhanging a public road also includes that which actually grows on roadside walls and banks. It is also necessary to ensure that the hedge is not only trimmed, but cut back so that no part of it less than the required height overhangs the boundary of the road or footpath.


In conformity with the Loi relative aux Douits, 1953 and the Parochial Administration Ordinance 2013, streams inspections are carried out twice yearly at the same time as the hedge inspections. Streams are required to be clear of all debris, weed growth etc. to ensure that they flow in an unobstructed manner. It is vital that riverains complete their inspections and any necessary work at the proper time, i.e.
during the first fifteen days of June
during the last fifteen days of September

The Douzaine’s Streams Committee will inspect the watercourses thereafter and defaulters will be reminded of their obligations under the Law. A further seven days will be given for work to be undertaken before the area is re-inspected.
Any persons defaulting in the above requirements could be liable to a Civil Penalty of £50.00 with an additional fine of £5.00 per day in which the failure continues.


Firework displays, especially those put on by professional firms for weddings, etc. can disturb neighbours and be very distressing for animals. Therefore the Constables would encourage responsible and considerate behaviour when organising such displays. In particular the displays should take place before 10pm.

The parish Constables’ permission is required to set off fireworks from public land e.g. the beach. It is not required for displays on private property however the Constables strongly recommend that use is made of the States information form at https://gov.gg/papermits In addition we advise circulation of display details to the Guernsey Press, local radio, and on social media, as well as direct notice to residents.

Please click this link to subscribe if you wish to receive information regarding displays https://gov.gg/fireworks


Beach Rules

Restrictions are in place for activities on Guernsey’s beaches, please see this link for more information, including horses and dogs on beaches.