Sylvans Sports Club is located in the heart of the parish just down an access lane opposite the Post Office, where we provide excellent sporting and social facilities to the local community. The club was founded in 1922 and from humble beginnings it has developed in to one of the islands leading and most successful sports & social clubs.

Sylvans boasts teams for a ranges of sports; Football from school reception year all the way through to veterans (over 35’s), including a thriving ladies team, Netball, Cricket. Darts and Euchre.

The club’s facilities are also used through the year for hosting meetings of the Derby & Joan club and the Womens Institute.

We are committed to developing the Club at all levels, including Facilities, Management, Coaches, Players and opportunities within the community.

We are keen to develop partnerships to promote the benefits of sport and improve the facilities we have. By working with key partners we hope to access essential funding which can be invested to increase the quantity and quality of players, coaches, pitches and facilities providing more and better opportunities for members and the community.

The primary stand if the club is football and we are proud to say we are a recognised  “FA Charter Standard Club”. This is a prestigious award the English Football Association hand out to clubs and it represents the commitment we, as a club, place on development and standards. Our aim is to encourage and develop football for the local community in a happy, safe but competitive environment. We are constantly working towards providing the clubs members and the community with more opportunities and improved facilities.

Link to our web site:

Sylvans Football Academy
The realisation of an individual’s potential is what coaches in business and sport should be aspiring to. No matter where an individual is on the ‘proficiency scale’ the overriding objective of a coach must be to create an environment where ‘mentees’ can grow and develop. It is on this fundamental premise that the 2014/2015 Sylvans Intertrust Development Centre has been based.

This important initiative for Sylvans is aimed at our soccer students in predominantly year 6 which means that players are aged under 11. At this age players change, develop and learn at very different rates. For example an individual oldest in this year group can be physically and mentally in a very different place from a player youngest in the same age group. With this in mind the Development Centre coaches actively encourage players to try things, experiment and are very tolerant of mistakes and things that don’t quite work…. after all we all learn faster in an environment where there is a freedom of expression and no fear of failure.

By design the coaching set up is structured to use young leaders from the club. Whilst under the guidance of an experienced FA Level Two qualified coach, the three other Development Centre Coaches are talented Priaulx League standard players between the ages of 17 and 19. The benefits are twofold, the soccer students can better relate to their coaches and can see their credentials when they see them play week in week out for Sylvan’s most senior sides. In addition the young leaders have the opportunity to develop their coaching and organisation skills which are very transferable into the work place. Three months into the project and the Development Centre have organised and run sessions to include:

Five aside games – to maximise the players time on the ball
Technical drills – To ingrain technique and encourage experimentation
Specialised goal-keeping training – Sylvan’s Senior Keepers have worked with our aspiring Joe Harts
Futsal – a type of football developed in Brazil with heavier footballs…. Need I say more?
Flood-lit night games 
Even written homework!
In early December we have a professional coach visiting to take a key session.
Practices have been arranged on three different surfaces – Grass, Astro and Indoor – Ideal for ingraining technique.

All players are following a structured coaching path towards Bronze, Silver and Gold standards. After only two months  4 boys have already achieved the Bronze standard and are powering on with their Silver award. Many more are a ‘hare’s breath’ away from also getting to the Bronze Level.

Much has been accomplished in just over two months but without the very generous sponsorship of the Guernsey office of Intertrust the variety and quality this coaching model requires quite simply could not be achieved. Corporate sponsorship of this kind really does make a difference in the Community. Sylvans are very grateful to Sue Trebert and her Marketing Team at Intertrust for sharing our vision for an enhanced training model for boys and girls, the season before they progress into Guernsey’s competitive Youth football.


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