Styx Youth Club

Western Parishes Youth and Community Centre, most commonly known as Styx, directly opposite the Longfrie Surgery. There is an enclosed playground and sports area, open to the public 7 days a week.

The Western Parishes Youth and Community Centre Trust are responsible for managing and maintaining the building, raising funds and ensuring that donations are used appropriately according to the needs of the Centre and the users.

The building was purchased by the Western Parishes Youth and Community Centre Trust over 25 years ago, to secure premises for use by the youth of the upper parishes.It now provides a home for many organisations, mostly charities, as well hosting various community services and youth based activities.
There is a sports hall suitable for basketball and 5-a-side football. It is also used for children’s parties, quiz nights, dance practise and other activities.
Other rooms include a dance studio, snooker room and youth coffee bar.

The Centre is maintained to a high standard with the Trustees constantly striving to upgrade facilities in order to provide users with the best experience possible.
Light, spacious, well equipped rooms available to hire for parties, meetings, conferences, training sessions etc at very reasonable rates.

Activities at the centre include Mums and Toddlers every Tuesday, Community Library on Wednesdays with Storytime for Tots, Computer and Internet group on Thursdays. Youth activities include intermediate club (11-15) on Mondays, Games Club (primary) Tuesdays and Senior Club on Thursdays. For all youth activity information, call 266441 

01481 267319    twitter – @styxcentre

2 responses to “Styx Youth Club

  1. Hello
    I’m just inquiring about hiring your hall for a birthday party for November.
    Kind regards
    Jolene blampied

  2. Hi just wondering if is possible to rent the room for the 2nd September for a birthday party
    Kind regards cidalia

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