Parish Meeting 6th November


Wednesday 6th November 2019

The Ratepayers and Electors of the above parish, assembled this day by virtue of the publication dated 31st October 2019

  1. Have named Mr T Archard and Mr C Worsley to audit the Accounts of the Constables, the Parish Procureurs, the Parochial Cemeteries Committee and the Parochial School Trustees for the year 2019.
  2. Have received and accepted the Reports of the Parish Elected Members of
    1. La Mare de Carteret High School Committee
    2. La Houguette Primary School Committee

Have decided that, during 2020, Parish Meetings shall be held at 7.30 pm.

Have heard from Douzenier Matt Le Poidevin about a Community Plan and ensuring that Parish properties are protected.

 Have heard from Constable Mike de Laune about developing the Community Plan and communicating the idea to all Parishioners in a newsletter to see what feedback is received from them. 


  • Have heard concerns from a Parishioner about the lack of parking in the parish and it becoming a safety issue.


  • Have heard from Constable Mike de Laune a summary of the hedges and streams bi-annual cutting and clearing.


  • Have heard from a Parishioner concerns about hedges covering pavements during the May “Walk to School” week.


  • Have heard from Douzenier Mark Dunster about a Code of Conduct regarding the spreading of slurry.


Signed: …Martin Ozanne……………….

Martin Ozanne – Dean St Pierre Du Bois

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