Parish Meeting Resolution

The following is the Resolution of the Parish Meeting held on 1st November 2017, for which Publications appeared in the Gazette Officielle inviting all Ratepayers and Electors to attend. Items of ‘Any Other Business’ not appearing in the Publication can be raised and discussed by those present at the meeting, but no binding decisions can be made on those matters.



Wednesday 1st November 2017

The Ratepayers and Electors of the above parish, assembled on this day by virtue of the Publication dated 26th October 2017

  1. Have named Mr T Archard and Mr C Worsley to audit the Accounts of the Constables, the Parish Procurers, the Parochial Cemeteries Committee and the Parochial School Trustees for the year 2017.
  2. Have received and accepted the Reports of the Parish Elected Members of
    1. La Mare de Carteret High School Committee; and
    2. La Houguette Primary School Committee.
  3. Have decided that, Chris Atkinson will be elected as peoples warden
  4. Have decided that, during 2018, Parish Meetings shall be held at 7.30pm
  5.  Have heard that a property on Hougue Falle have not cut their hedges and the Constables will inspect.
  6.  Have heard that the costs for refuse are still not known              Signed: David De Lisle – Douzenier St Pierre Du Bois

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